The mind is a a terrible thing.

Keeps people up at night.

Eyes wide open,

Looking at the darkness.


Thinking in circles.


Going into a tunnel of thoughts,

no light at its end.

The mind keeps people prisoners

locked between the walls of ifs and buts,

walking barefoot on embers,

and shaking the bars drawn by the moon

Peeking through the blinds.

Thoughts as food

And thoughts as keepers.

Behind bars:

Lives doing time.

Leaving church


The toll of bells hammering.

Taking bites from me

as you bite an apple.

And I bleed on the steps

leading to church.

Blood trails snake on concrete

In crimson hues.

I flow back to my springs

Before I was born.

Feeling cold since I was

Thrown out.

Out into this life,


A cat on a roof,

Keeping balance.

A circus acrobat

In a world that hates circus.