Even if the voice is cracked,

use it.Utter a word.

Say a prayer.

Break the silence.

Defeat it

use the cracks as stepping stones

to climb out of the abyss

the voice lingers in.

Hold up your chin and

wipe the face clean.

You can do it. We both know.

Set your thoughts on fire

and burn the house down,

make them come out,

irreplaceable, unmatchable,

the soundprints of you.





Return to innocence


His heart leaped. She was there, sitting on the same bench they talked 15 years ago when they were in high school. She was watching her dog. She wasn’t exactly skinny, but he loved her as he did on the very first day. She had such an unforgetable face. The wide forehead, the large, deep eyes,  and lips ready to burst into a smile at any moment. They were a couple in high school, but they broke up because he moved away. Now,he wanted to tell her something, but he didn’t know what.

He just went to her and hugged her. As they held hands, passers-by watched with tiny  smiles of their own. Two adults laughing so hard that they could barely breath, and holding on to each other with one hand so they didn’t collapse into a heap of memories.

Sometimes, adults seem to forget their first love, but in fact they never do that. First feelings are always special, new, unexpected, coupled with childish innocence and a pure vision of the world. A return to innocence.

p.s. I’m taking part in a short story creative writing competition. Keep your fingers crossed for me. 🙂



Despre mâine nu o să vorbesc, pentru că ziua de mâine nu există încă

iar ziua de ieri e în trecut. Trecutul nu contează.

Acum, ca am eliminat astea, e mai ușor…

E ciudat să umbli cu cineva după tine.

Nu fizic vorbind.

Așa, ivindu-se simplu,de nicăieri,

fără să bată la ușă,

fără să ceară voie,

stă, se așează și e acolo.

E mai rău când dispare,

pentru ca lasă în urmă o stare de oboseală cruntă

ca după un alergat îndelung.

Și nu plângi din lucruri mari, dar plângi din lucruri mărunte.

Și zâmbesti la probleme, rezolvi probleme zâmbind și

lumea iti spune ce grozav ești, dar nu te interesează,

se uită după tine, dar te lasă rece.

Nu ți se întâmplă ție, ci altcuiva.Ca și cum te uiți la un film.

Și filmele vorbesc despre tine

Și muzica ascultată ți se cântă ție.

Și dormi, și te trezești.Și o iei de la capăt.

Și din oglindă, când te speli pe dinți dimineața, se uită înapoi o persoană necunoscută.

An apple tree


My grandmother’s apple tree survived her.I remember its sour taste,the dark green fruit
Fallen to ground
Hidden in the lighter grass.
I used to pick them up
Baskets laden.Heavy.
All my childhood.
I wondered how it still lived,
weak,and sick and unwanted.
Almost nine years after her death,
The house has fallen into disrepair
Looks smaller than ever
Or I’ve grown too much.
The apple tree still stands.
Arches above it.Agelessly.
Defying time.
Against all odds.
Despite us all.