Can you fall in love with a voice?
To feel the eyes wet with tears gathered in the inner corners, threatening to overflow.
To see the world in a drop of salty water until the song ends.The skin covered in goosebumps ,appearing spontaneously, even after the 47th time you hear him. And want it even more…..
To feel that you need to reach out and touch the line of the face, even though it is only cold plastic, just to synchronise emotions.
To sing in a language you barely understand and to yearn to speak it just to absorb the song even better.
To try to match your heartbeat to the beat of the music pulsing in the ears.
To look around and wonder why nobody else hears the magic. And smile childishly at the thought that you own it yourself, because it is living inside you.
To let it caress you inside until a melting point and the catharsis that , yes , you are alive, indeed…If one can feel all these, that is the definition of being alive.

Can you fall in love….?

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