Quote of the day


“She had to let go of him.

Even the thought of him.

Because it kept her heart stirring.

It kept her spirit, immersed in wishes that would never be granted.

Beautiful wishes that leapt in her belly, wanting to take flight.

Wanting to be released as wishes should.

To be scattered in air.

To dance on currents, in search of places to land and grow.

It was unfair of her to keep them bottled up.

So with a deep sigh, she sent them on their way.

Laughing, happy wishes, set alight.

And they thanked her for being brave enough to let them go.

They spoke highly of her.

And she became a beacon among wishes.

A place where they would visit frequently, leaving their best gifts in return for her safe company.

Because she never stifled them.

She always set them free to find their fortunes.”

( Devan Hardesty)





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