On clouds


He looks up and sees clouds travelling in the sky.White,plump,hiding in surreal shapes on torrid summer days.Steel grey and hues of black when storms are approaching. God sieving snowflakes in the winter. Spectacular and thought-provoking  to look at, lying in the grass,out of this world,wondering what they see from above.And what stories they could tell…

He looks through people and sees the infinitesimal darkening of the eyes .The split second of a cloud covering the light.Almost invisible,quick as a flash,gone as it came.Small, shapeless clouds on colored iris.Blocking the sunlight.Where do these clouds come from, and where do they travel? Where do they reside?

Unseen, unspoken thoughts. Elbowing worries,crippled pains,translucent,rosy scars.A whole new world behind closed eyelids and overprotective eyelashes, like zippers on cold bodies.Great architecture, these zippers of thoughts…



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    • Yes, the sun also rises, every morning,relentlessly, despite everything.and if we are lucky, some of its brightness reflects in our eyes.Just as the Ecclesiastes writes:the world endures, and the sun continues to rise and set.Hemingway’s novel is is a reiteration of the same idea.Thank you for the visit and reminding me of one of my favorite authors.

      • make me blush! imagine that every teardrops is a waterfall, not just when it come down from the eyes because the being or the body suffers somehow, but also as a happyness moment, when the precious moments, so little in the big time universe becomes eternal. it is the glory and nothing else matters then…only the voice that you hear which it says hello!

      • i see sheding tears in front of somebody as a sign of great courage:because those tears show you vulnerable, as if uncovering your heart and putting a map next to it with where to hit and how hard.and when we cry of happiness, it is as if every tap in your body is opened and you are leaking your happiness outside. 🙂

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