Quote of the Day


“You’re doing it again,” (s)he said.
“Doing what?” I asked, wondering if I had done something wrong.
“Melting my heart with your smile,”(s)he said.”
― Mary TingCrossroads


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  1. Gosh. Reading some reviews of this book in Goodreads has left me wondering how one book can call forth such astoundingly different opinions! But, my dear – is it not what they call YA writing? Oh well; some of my favourites are children’s books. 🙂

    • we read everything with something called “horizon of expectations”, hence the variety of opinions in the feedback.sometimes we ourselves react differently the certain readings weeks/months/years after…I guess this is one of the beauties of reading,too….I love children’s books myself, and (re)read them from time to time,whenever I feel I need something to warm me up.I cuddle between the leaves of pure pleasure and feel a child again -happy,innocent and an unawoken dreamer…I call it therapy:)

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