“If I believe in soul-mates?But of course I do! We are broken pieces of a two pieced puzzle.It’s just that…the world is so big and …we are so many…So I believe that one lifetime is simply not enough to find that soul-mate.So we wander,obstinately,and try on random pieces,like the women in the Cinderella story trying on shoes,to see if they fit.Even the part when they cut off toes and pretend they fit…We leave a bloody trace behind,with all our unfitting chances taken,until the hair grows white and  hope grows withered.On separate roads, like railway tracks…and meeting is postponed to another lifetime.Yes,maybe there are soul-mates,somewhere out there…It’s all about the time it takes to find them and the number of lives we get…But I do know one thing: when the right two pieces fit,it makes such a terrible noise inside,that it will be impossible not to know it had finally happened.”

“If I believe i…


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  1. Reblogged this on MARGARET ROSE STRINGER and commented:
    This is a site I haven’t been following for all that long. Irma is a bit of a Joseph Conrad: a non-anglophone with the ability to translate thought brilliantly into word in a language not her own …

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