Quote of the Day


“I wanted to touch your skin today.To slowly kiss the lovable wrinkles around your eyes.The little imperfections of the eyebrows.Taste your half-closed eyelids and the pale skin of your lips in their left corner.Then slide towards the right one. My teeth near your teeth and the tongue tiptoes to recollect your taste.Mess up your hair with my fingers and feel the warmth of the skin on the scalp.Re-draw the lining of the neck,down to the point where it meets the textile.Breath in the fragrance on the square centimeter of the pulse beating ,where your life is struggling to be visible.Inhale its tempo.Like blood transfusion.Smell, taste and touch the flesh and blood that builds up your outer shell.The palpable tower of your sometimes mountaineous inside.

But most of all, I wanted ….all.”


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