What happens to the dreams unlived?



Is this the best of the myriad of possible worlds? Is this the best it gets?One of the many alternative universes or the one that is supposed to be?Carrying loads of heavy baggage, staggering under the weight, balancing oneself while with each individual choice we slide further, leaving behind the trace of what could have been, might have been, should have been, that IS for real somewhere else,in a parallel world, two or a dozen galaxies away. And what decides which is for real?Is it one single detail that differs there, or everything is completely different? Is there an absolute best and and absolute horrible of these worlds? Are its people exactly the same?Is my version of good somebody else’s hell?Or I’m living a nightmare for somebody else’s heaven?And what happens to the dreams un-lived? Do they wither or remain deposits for future attempts?Could  we somehow slide through the wormholes to try all of the possible lives out so that no dream is left to die? Or we just live one version of the script and leave  the others as we choose our food, our clothes,our accessories, our cars,our houses…hoping for the best of all possible worlds….

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