For you, my B


Time does not unfold as we see it or record it. Some days, years or minutes seem endless, while others vanish in the blink of an eye. These extraordinary fragments of eternity are worth remembering. And cherish them as warming memories. As you are.

You are at the end of a recorded slice of your life. A little portion of your life has fit into place and many more are yet to come…You are in-between your past and your future, in that non-existent thing we call, (so appropriately in English): “the present”…

It is indeed a present given to us. You should see it as a present and live it accordingly. Seize every gift God has offered you and multiply it tenfold. Take all those wonderful abilities within and pour them into your actions. See how they burst out in magic…Grab your big heart and share it with people. Use your intelligence to do good around you to those in need. Enchant with your music, mesmerize with your words, in any language you speak…Give voice to your wise thoughts in writing and let people read them, to see beyond the wall, into that great treasure you’re holding, and where I was given access to…Or made my way into, through all the means possible, in the past four years. I was lucky enough to see so much goodness, so much caring and so much affection, as few have and few encounter in today’s indifferent, hollow people…

It is said that people never meet by chance. There is a reason behind every random encounter .It is either for us to change their lives, or for them to shake ours. I’m not sure which applies here… Maybe both…I’m flattered to have had such an impact on yours. It is heartwarming to know that somebody has drunk up your words and quotes from them, who puts into practice the teachings that come from heart and not out of obligation…It is touching to see all the warmth and water poured into you bloom so wonderfully in your knowledge and growth into the  exquisite human being you are.

I am deeply moved by the wide open doors you allowed me to access. I think I sometimes, for a split second, returned the favor…You saw beyond the teacher, into a person who is trying to do magic in class. You reflected my magic like a mirror, giving it back to me, and I thank  you for that. If only half or a quarter of all the great things you see in me are there, I must be a better person than the flawed, imperfect person I truly am. But I guess that if such a good person loves me so much, there must be something good in what I’m doing after all…

I wish for you all the blessings you truly deserve, and more…May happiness fill you, your intelligence fuel you, your ambition drag you, your beauty reflect you and God protect you!

All my love,




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