Monthly Archives: August 2014

An infusion of me


Outstretched arms
Beyond the looking glass
As if passing through ripples of water.  
Drawing with fingertips
On the blurry reflection emerging :
An infusion of each other into each other.
Follow the yellow brick road
On the curves of smiles,
Magnets of eyes,
Lines of hair on maps of skin.
Until I read you
Like Braille.




Un dor rotund si intepator.
Rotund- pentru ca ma inconjoara
Si se tot intoarce
(daca ar pleca vreodata).
Sferic  – pentru ca alunec
in concavitatea lui interna,
inapoi la centru.
Intepator, ca o durere de inima
Sau o muscatura adanca,
Pulsand a aducere aminte,
Ca un ticait de vreme
Care(-mi) trece(fara tine).



Are you in the dark?
Do you know of me?
Do gregarious clouds get to you
my message?
Does the rising sun transmit the embrace I sent?
Does its warmth make up for mine?
Between us –
the lost continent of Atlantis.
Words as bridges over.
That sun is my eye
to watch over every step
you are taking
without me.

To the Lighthouse


I let my hair down.

And  made a river of red locks

and  cross the precipice gulfing in front of your red door.

I can’t swim.

But used my palms as paddles and your face as beacon

to carry me closer to your earthly home.

There was a sign on it.

Home for sale.

Spiderwebs at the corners

(like the wrinkles  around your eyes)

and on the doorknob.

Nobody had dared to knock on you(r door).

Or if knocked, you never answered.

I broke it down.

And let myself in.