Zile de nastere – A bilingual text


In povesti se spune ca au petrecut 3 zile si 3 nopti….Dar nu e doar atat. Ziua mea e in fiecare zi.Si as vrea sa pot prinde si pastra sentimentul acela de afectiune profunda, cand toti locatarii sufletului tau se aduna in tine si te incalzesc pe dinauntru.Vorba mamei:”ce bine ar fi sa inghetam marea asta de trandafiri sa ii avem la nesfarsit…”.Eu as vrea mai degraba gandul de dincolo de gest sa-l inghet, sa-l tin captiv si sa nu-i dau drumul. Sa ma incalzesc ca caldura gandului vostru,ca o fetita cu chibrituri….

E ceva trist in fiecare zi de nastere si n-are nimic de-a face cu anii adaugati.Oricum nu ma simt de aceeasi varsta 2 zile la rand……E un sentiment de regret si nostalgie pentru toti oamenii care sunt in viata ta si totusi nu sunt acolo.Pentru toti cei dragi aflati la mai mult de un brat distanta.Caci tot ce este la mai mult de distanta de imbratisare e prea departe…

Pentru toti cei dragi care mi-ati trecut prin viata, intr-un moment sau altul, intr-un mod sau altul,pentru toate acele mesaje de La multi ani din ultimele zile, va doresc la mai putin de un brat distanta.Preferabil al meu. Preferabil intre ele.caci se spune ca imbratisarile prelungesc viata. Si voi mi-ati dorit o viata lunga si fericita, nu-i asa?:)

Multumesc pentru toate gandurile voastre bune.Pentru mesaje, flori, tort,momentele petrecute si curieri speciali.Pentru gesturi de drag si ganduri bune din spatele lor.

Va imbratisez cu mult drag si dor.

The fairy tales say that the party went on and on for three days and three nights …. But it’s not just that much .My birthday is every day. I wish I could catch and keep that feeling of deep affection , when all residents of your soul gather in you and warm you on the inside. As my mother joked : ” what great thing would be to freeze the roses ,so that we have them forever … .” I thought I would rather want to freeze the thoughts of affection behind the roses, hold captive and not let go.To warm at their heat, like a little girl with matches ….

There is something sad in every birthday and has nothing to do with adding a year. I do not feel the same age two days in a row, anyway…… It’s a sense of regret and nostalgia for all the people who are in your life and still not there.For all your loved ones more than an arm’s distance.Since everything more than hug away is too far away …

To all my loved ones who have crossed my life at one time or another , in one way or another , for all those messages in the past days , I wish you were less than an arm ‘s distance.Preferably mine . Preferably between .Because it is said that hugs prolong life. And you all wished me a long and happy life , huh ? 🙂

Thanks for all your thoughts.For the kind words, messages, flowers, cake, moments spent and special deliveries.Gestures of love and heartfelt thoughts behind them.

I embrace you with much love and longing.


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  1. Ah yes, I found your blog because M-R sent me to wish you a happy birthday. I read through a few pages and started following but I forgot the birthday wishes. So, a belated happy birthday!

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