At the doctor


“There are 20 medical ways to describe a chest pain. There is none to describe this one…
“Is it nagging and sharp, making one no longer lock the doors? Or cross on red lights? Or does it make you sit on cold wooden benches covered with icy snow..? One that squeezes the stomach so much that it no longer needs food for days, because it cannot hold the food?Does it eat up your body and shapes its curves to opaquely warm marble?Has it invited insomnia over to watch shadows playing on walls until the night becomes day and light returns everywhere, except in the eyes? Is your chest pain a kind of pain that moves with the movements of the chest while learning to breath -again- like a child? Or maybe it is a sort of pain like a trapped animal,inside the ribcage,trying to get out..?Or it is a small boat, travelling around the body,through veins and arteries,touching every organ,making it useless,numbing senses,blinding sight,annulling hearing,freezing touch,paralyzing taste buds,until the whole body becomes a curled,little,weightless leaf,tossed around as time moves on in the ticks of minutes/hours/days?”
” Yes, this is, briefly,the kind of chest pain this is, Doc…What should I do?”
“Breath in. Out. Repeat.”
“Will this fix it?”
“No.You just don’t die…”


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