Why people go to church nowadays


I’m not a constant churchgoer. Maybe because I feel I don’t need a special building to talk to God. I talk to Him daily. Or, I just don’t like going to church on a schedule, as a “have to”,”to be seen there” or other social “gatherings”.I go because  I want to be there and nowhere else. As simple as that.Yet, that centuries old building has been a safe place,especially since  the past times have shaken my beliefs of right and wrong, protection and abandonment. And since desperate times give birth to strange deductions, an unusual feeling of personal message shaped itself in the Sunday services attended. It is weird but also comforting as,amongst the teachings I know so well already, there comes a line which fits exactly my prayers uttered beforehand,some sort of neon code on a fully written page,striking in its sole relevance to me. A soothing message of intimate divine care,spoken by a messenger who knows nothing of my personal struggle,who sees my smile of youth and professionalism,nothing more. And is gently fooled,like all the others….And there,inevitably, come the words, so adequate and parental, as if God himself would wipe my cheeks clean. How selfish is to believe this? How childish? How vain to assume such a divine grace? And, above all, how desperate?
“Ask forgiveness from those whom you have hurt, whose life you have shaken and altered irremediably. And answer to the hurt and pain with love.”
Crying silently in a crowded church, I do.

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