My love like a family tree


I love you in so many ways.With the surprise of a child discovering an early Christmas present in May.With the altruism of a true friend enjoying your success.With the teenager’s thrill of the first touch and the first kiss and the lover’s shivers while exploring your naked body.With the promise of joined fingers. Of touching and trembling knees, fingers playing in the hair.Of eyes building bridges of sight and talking more than mouths.Chest pressed upon chest and ribcage trying to blend into the other’s.Fingertips imprinting memories of skin, of scalp,of pulse. Taste buds tasting the other’s familiar taste and nostrils inhaling the unique scent. Goosebumps forming on arms and heartbeats racing with time.I have loved you with difficulty,with fear,with shame,with hope.With childishness and the serenity of older age,as I mingled my legs into yours and my arms around, my fingertips on the contour of your lips. My hair loved you when it caressed you and so did my thighs around your waist. My ears became addicted to the sound of your laughter. With the innocence of a teen girl, I smiled and exhaled my love like an acrobat,hoping you would catch me. In your love I bloomed smiles I didn’t know I had,or could or ever would. I counted sunrises and sunsets and named them with kid’s names,like a mother. I possessed you and played like a wife and protected like an elder sibling. The puzzle pieces finally fell into place and some sort of an image of future emerged.
My love like a family tree…
My love grew roots inside. And I’m afraid that if I remove them,I will die.


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