To Be or Not to Be


To be or not to be enraptured

in silent walk on cobbled streets

or hectic rush on lighted highways,
an aimless driving,a speedy drug.

To swim against a sea of sorrows

and try not to drown,

but boldly swim it through.

To fuel the heart with longing and desire,

and not to be afraid it’d overflow.

To place the head on broken,wooden benches

and let the mind’s addiction overtake.

To shut the eyes, and with it, outer noises

and dream escapingly,
as blind or deaf.

To shut all out that’s not for healing

and burn your fingers’ touch with cigarettes.

To let the wells of eyes reach surface,

and not to mind faces taken aback.

To hold one’s heartbeats in lead coffins

and plant roses on barren,dead land.

To be or not to be awaken

in the morning
To choose whether to be or not to be
The end.


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