People should come with warning labels


People should come with warning signs. With labels of what that flesh and blood does to you if not handled well. “Keep away from liquids or weapons and the opposite sex.”And “made of 20 percent humor  and 80 percent bullshit.15 percent loyalty and the rest sugarcoated lies. 40 percent job and 60 percent beer”. “Deeply allergic to commitment but deeply attracted to (wo)men.” “Dangerous machinery -handle with care.”
People should come packed in transparent carcasses,so that one would know what one gets….A lack of heart,or brains or backbone…Glass heads or crystal chests,because they sound so lovely when they crack…
People should come with a manual.A thick one,in many languages.
Maybe one of them could actually enlighten what to do in case of malfunction.There should also be a 24 hour service for fixing.Not a hospital with doctors.They only fix the bloody wrapping.This needs hi tech formula for hi tech,modern,cold people.An upgrade to resume functioning properly,within (society demanded) parameters.
People should come with replacement. They should have a copy,a backup,a saved folder on a USB to go to in case things,(inevitably),go wrong. Replace the damage and move on with life/work/marriage.
People should come with warning labels,manuals and transparent bodies.Unfortunately,they don’t.


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