Tied in a knot


It does not reside in the heart.
But rather goes through the body
As lightning and thunder.
From hair to the soles of the feet.
Sometimes it flows majestically,like a river
And sometimes it pours,like summer rain.
It may stop sometimes.
There may be a terrible drought for days on end
But it’s there.
Just as the water is still there
in the mud and the cracks
of dried out rivers.
Waiting to come out
Into the light.
It does not dwell only in the heart.
It’s in the crevases of fingertips.
At the other end of a glare.
In the warmth of a word .
In the moist breath of a mouth approaching.
The heat of the body intensified with closeness.
In the invisible threads drawing us together,kindred spirits.
Our ties tied in a knot
Somewhere,where the heart is.


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  1. “It cannot be she said to me, the end is not my making.
    To keep apart, two lovers’ hearts, is another undertaking.
    This might be true – I said to you, but it is they who are mistaken.
    For where there’s sun you’ll find a moon, and neither can be forsaken. ”

    Forbidden Love – Michael Faudet

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