Monthly Archives: June 2016

9 mm


The words of the outer world-
vertical droplets on
the dirty glass of the window.
Countless and noisy.
And days of constant rain.
You are the sun after the storm
drying them up.
Warming the dirty window.
I am the face pressed against the inner side of the glass,
fingers fanned.
Looking out.Separated by 9 mm
of dirty glass.

Photo source


Memories like firewood


She had a tunnel like memory-
Deep as a cave.
In which echoed the voices
of past people.
And walls painted with faces,
Scents guiding through the
shapeless staircase
Down, down,
Till there is no sense of time,
only fractions of seconds lingering.
Frozen like snowflakes.
Memories like firewood.

Carnea noastră, ca o humă


Carnea noastră, ca o humă
din care cresc flori și iarbă
când venele bolborosesc de
sânge aprig,aprins.
Sau un pământ din care
nu crește nimic.
Un înveliș de pergament
neudat de apă,
un deșert de vise creponate,
în straturi sfărâmicioase
ca aripile de fluturi morți.
Carnea noastra caldă
pe care , uneori,cu stropi de apă,
se nasc flori și iarbă.



Half past ten


It is finally dark.
Dark enough to hear
The wings hitting the air in circles
Heralding solace.
A spillage of words
Into shooting stars.
The threshold of night
Summons thoughts nesting
While we squander nights
With sleeping ,we miss out
thoughts giving birth to other thoughts.
It is finally dark
Dark enough to hear
Their first cry.