Monthly Archives: August 2016



I find you in the cracks of my sleep

hidden as a child.

The coy sun comes to me

through the broken window,

bleeding red and orange

on the bedsheets.

A slow awakening

to  daytime life.


Sit with me


It’s cold at night
come sit with me
by the fire
we made ourselves from scratch
one (may) day.
One sight grabs hold of an ember
a burst of flame
of sunset color.
In the scorching heat 
drinking wine or something stronger
(maybe words)…
Dizzy heads and dim stars
used to light the matches on.
watching the smoke snakes dancing
with fingers entwined.
Forearm to forearm.
Skin turned into liquid gold.
Under the full smile of the moon.
Killing the grass.
The air is moist with words
we feed on.
Unspoken .

Lost in the woods


For those who are lost in the woods

The songs of birds don’t matter.

The breadcrumbs have been eaten,

The rain washed the tracks


Branches bend in a stalker hug,

while twigs snap under running feet.

For those who are lost in the woods

blessed silence is frightful.

And the noise sends chills down the spine.

It rapes the ears and summons the heart 

To run

to where the sun peeks through the leaves –

a pale sentinel of lost children,

calling them home.

Why we dream


To dream

you must close your eyes.

Trust yourself to the darkness

of eyelids.

Become vulnerable to senses

not betraying you.

Others – not hurting you.

In contrast,

when dreaming with eyes open,

the body is split between two worlds:

the blind,naked journey inwards,

while nails embedded in the flesh of reality.

Clinging , distrustful.

Torn and confused.

Distorted and alien to both realms.

Dreaming is becoming vulnerable to hope

For in dreams we regain chances.


“For the heart is an organ of fire”