‘So,that’s a very critical and cold view of the world  I would say.Now tell us,you don’t believe in soulmates and destiny,do you?’

‘Oh,but of course I do.It’s just that…the world is so big…and we are so many…that it is almost impossible to find each other.So,we accept fake Cinderellas,turn a blind eye,use a cracked mirror and call it good.’




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  1. We all have someone we never speak of. Someone who meant so much, that even breathing their name makes your soul tremble with memories and pain.
    – Nikita Gill

  2. What haunts us not is the silly ghost and spirits,
    Or the demons we have been told of when younger,
    What haunts us, what truly haunts us,
    To the point of trembling hands,
    Quivering torsos and frightened lungs,
    Is the heart-wrenching fear of never making sense
    To another human being.
    Christopher Poindexter

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