Monthly Archives: November 2016



“Maybe they are not stars, but openings in the sky,through which the love of our dear lost ones drips and shines upon us, to let us know they are happy.”

(Inspired by an eskimo legend)


Birthday Blues


Our birthdays cause us to reflect– on what we have accomplished, who we have become, what has changed and what has stayed the same.It is good to be thankful for what you have in life. Life is a gift.Thank You.


No vacancy


There.And there.

Some lingering scent. Unwashable.

Nostril in quivers and shudders of impatience.

Time stands still -a horse shot to death.

A gelatinous time with trapped sounds.

Insects caught in a net,

turning to dust between fingers.

Cotton mouth


an unwavering image

in the back of the eye.

An inaudible voice

before the heavy head hits the pillows.

the last conscious thought

of a tired mind.

An itch in the fingertips,

a sudden burst of heat.

Heartbeats fidgeting,

a taste of water,

an aftertaste of kiss.

A constant presence.

A room in one’s mind.

No vacancy.