Monthly Archives: December 2016

Sad stories are best stories



People estrange from people


Leave them

As pets are left after Christmas…

Things are gathered in boxes, 

Dust settles snowlike.

Upon lids, covers,  sills,

Faces, memories.

Some desperate spider will build a web

Trying to build something

On the ruins.

In time, other people will tell stories

About must’ve’beens and could’ve’beens.

And ,this, my dear, is 

how books are born.


I’m Atlas


Trees.Lining the winding road.

I’m afraid I won’t fit

With the load I carry.

Not the whole world’s,

but most of it.

I worry about the foliage becoming damaged goods

And leaves forced to die before their time.

I am afraid the tree trunks’ll be scribled

by the rough edges of my backpack

Bruises left behind in the soft ground

by the heavy weight of my footsteps

Sinking in the grounds.

Moving slowly,stubbornly,

following the road,the signs,

Hoping to unpack

under one tree.And stay.