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Photo of the day- My hometown



Born to be blue


We all stumble.

The walls of the room close around us,

And the bodies weep

Under microscopical breaks.

With every brush of the hair

Your name comes up

As poison is removed from a wound

And reason is dulled by slumber.

Time runs through the fingers

Like sand…

The miracle of every 61st second.

The obstinacy of blood

Returning to the carcass of the heart,

Though there’s nothing left

standing there…

There are loves like candlelight –

Beacons for moth like creatures.

And there are loves like fires.-

Self consuming,spectacular loves

Of foreseeable death…

Extremes of hot and cold


His mind lies stuck in the wrong house

Howling at the blue moon approaching.

Wrong place at the wrong time,baby…

Silence crawls into ears

Into a suffocation of sound.

And the eyes shut down the shutters

In a noise of metal doors collapsing

Day after day…

Nothingness surrounds in thick veils

A morbid fog of frozen cold-

The human kind.

While heat scorches my body

In waves,from within,

Until the last ember dies

Of alienation.