Monthly Archives: February 2018

Forward and Back


It’s an upside down world out there

With disabled people,bruised,

Sunk into selfish slumber.

And there are words inside ribcages

Dying caged animals.

She carries her shadow like a veil

With a trail of storms in the debris.

The words are gnawing at her

As they turn to powder.

She’s a pale ghost hunting people

Putting flowers into cracked vases

A figure going backwards

Away from the unbearable air outside

To the womb.




Years from now

We’ll think back

At the grobian wordlessness

In the midst of life.

A memoir of emotions

And a graveyard of dreams.

The grass turns yellow and

The bones return home

In noble modesty.

We fall fast and hard

Melted away like snow in spring…

It dawned on me

That people can’t live forever.

Why would loves?