Red season


And fall fell for me,too,

Gently folding his arms around,

As I was falling in love with

the faint sound of

Falling leaves in fall.


October 1st


Autumn came again,

Sneaked into houses-

A beaten dog, looking for a place

To warm up.

Leaves rustling under hurried feet,

On wet pavements and grounds,

Smell of moist cells dying,

As the days are shortened of life,too.

And cold hanging  curtains

Of humid,stabbing air.

Pushing aging summer out

Like an usurper.

Colateral damage


The sky is noisy 

Somebody must be fighting up there

While somebody else is crying

Since there is so much water on the streets

The land is drowning in tears.

There must be a hell of fight up there 

Someone very angry

The clouds appear as bubbles of conversation

Dark and frightening.

And the incessant rain is falling 

In miniature shards

A silent execution.

A collateral damage.

Driving into the sunset


The horizon loomed

at the end of the patchwork,

And we were driving on the 

yellow (brick )road

With nothing but clouds 

showing the way.

Whether to trust the sugary snow 

Was entirely our choice

And we drove blindfolded

To the precipice 

Hidden by treeline

Where the trees kissed the sky.

The last detail I remember.