Monthly Archives: March 2016

Quote of the Day – Citatul zilei


„Cel mai ușor lucru este să rănești sufletul cuiva, căci sufletul umblă desculț și pașii lui culeg toți spinii unei zile.” (Gabriel Liiceanu)


The Last of Our Kind


Open the eyes in the morning.A fresh new start.Reality hits hard in the stomach. The regular morning punch.Strong as morning coffee. Just as hard, just as necessary. The camera of the eyes looks around, scanning items, recording colors and sounds attacking: a car honking,birds awakening,a heartbeat. Feet moving in the jelly of time as minutes pass by. The sun is up.And we are awake. Again.

“…Time to rise.It’s a whole new world.And we’re facing the fire.Not afraid of our own ghosts. Not afraid to be brave  though.The last of our kind.”