Monthly Archives: December 2013

Happy New Year!


May your heart’s desire 

translate into life.

May the thoughts of the mind

bring peace of mind.

May your life be better

than your dreams of it.






Vremea nu e o coincidenţă.N-a fost niciodată. E o ciudată simbioză intre soare şi starea de spirit.La fel cum ceaţa îneacă, te lasă fără suflare.Îţi intră în nări, în urechi,în ochi.Îţi inundă celulele şi le strânge până pocnesc ca artificiile.Curge în corp, cum curge şi sângele,dar cenuşiu şi greu ca plumbul.Corpul  carcasă se mişca orb şi ritmic în ceaţa lăptoasă,în sunetul minutelor care trec.Se apropie Anul Nou.

On fog

Weather is never a coincidence. ‘s never been. There’s a strange symbiosis between the sun and the state of the mind .Much the same way, the fog chokes, leaves you drowning. It enters the nostrils, the ears, flooding the eyes. It floods the cells and tightens them until they pop like firework. Flowing like blood, but gray and hard as lead. The carcass body moves rhythmically, blind in the milky mist, in the sound of passing minutes.Minutes to New Year .

Ceaţa…/On fog


“If I believe in soul-mates?But of course I do! We are broken pieces of a two pieced puzzle.It’s just that…the world is so big and …we are so many…So I believe that one lifetime is simply not enough to find that soul-mate.So we wander,obstinately,and try on random pieces,like the women in the Cinderella story trying on shoes,to see if they fit.Even the part when they cut off toes and pretend they fit…We leave a bloody trace behind,with all our unfitting chances taken,until the hair grows white and  hope grows withered.On separate roads, like railway tracks…and meeting is postponed to another lifetime.Yes,maybe there are soul-mates,somewhere out there…It’s all about the time it takes to find them and the number of lives we get…But I do know one thing: when the right two pieces fit,it makes such a terrible noise inside,that it will be impossible not to know it had finally happened.”

“If I believe i…